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   HIPPO (Helpful IP Print Outs)

Tools HIPPO Tools

Please note that the HIPPO Tools are only accessible via the campus network.
Your host: [Not Found]. Your host is NOT on the campus network and will be DENIED access to these pages.
IP/Subnet Reports
*   IPAM DB Search
*   Single IP/Hostname Lookup
*   IP Subnet Usage Report
*   Ethernet HW Address Query
DHCP/Subnet Reports
*   Individual Subnet DHCP Usage Page
*   Campus DHCP Usage Report
*   Subnet DHCP Usage History
User IP Requests/Changes
*   Static IP Address Application
*   Change IP Address Records
*   Delete IP Address Records
Addhost DB Codes
*   Addhost Building Codes
*   Addhost Department Codes
Switch Tools
*   Switch/Port Report Page (Portchase)

Documentation Networking Documentation
*   How to find your Ethernet HW Address
*   CU-Boulder Campus Nameservers (DNS)
*   CU-Boulder Campus Networks File
*   Configuring a Static IP Address on Various Machines
*   Basic Information on the DHCP Protocol
*   Configuring DHCP on Your Machine
*   DHCP Troubleshooting - Renew All Leases Instructions

Links Other Links
*   OIT Home Page
*   OIT Network & Internet Services Page

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